10 things you may not know about the shield in Minecraft

Hello, today I will list 10 things you may not know about the shield in Minecraft. Shield is a tool that helps protect players from being attacked, added to Minecraft from version 1.9. Shield can be used in the main or auxiliary hands, when using the shield, the speed of the player will decrease as to go to crease.

>>> Refer to the Minecraft PE versions

Shield has a durability of 337, the durability will be reduced when using shield to block the damage properly by the number of damage that has been blocked from the attack.

  1. Currently, the shield can block 100% of damage from melee attacks or flying objects such as arrows or fireballs. Players will not be pushed back to stop the melee attack while the attacker will be backfilled with 1 block. Shield does not completely block the damage from a blast in front and the player will be pushed back a little. When the arrow stops coming, the shield can reflect arrows toward an enemy nearby.
  2. Shields can be made using the following formula: It is possible to use any type of wooden shield to shield so we will have 46656 ways to make a shield.
  3. It is possible to combine 2 shields to create a durable shield with the total strength of the previous two shields add more 5%.
  4. You can fix the shield by anvil, requiring from 1 to 5 wooden boards with 3 levels of experience to fix.
  5. At the start of the shield selection, the player will not be able to use the shield to block in 0.25 seconds.
  6. When dealing damage from the ax, the shield will be disabled for 5 seconds, during which time the shield will not be used. If still using the shield while attacked, the player is still harmed and the shield is disabled. Maybe this is a bug of the game.
  7. Shields can block damage from Creeper and Ghast explosions or TNT explosion triggered by other players. But it will not block the TNT explosion by itself or from the firing machine or the red stone.
  8. Shield does not block all damage from guardian lazer but reduces most of that damage. Not using shields will lose 3 hearts, but if shield to block only half heart.
  9. Shield can not be manipulated by the table but can still be spell by the anvil. The 3 spells that can be used on the shield are: Unbreaking, Mending and Curse of Vanishing. Shields are also capable of receiving three spells at a time. Although there are spells, but shields have no sparkle as other items.
  10. Shield has 1 achievement related to it: “Not Today, Thank you“. Achievements require the player to block an arrow with the shield.

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