15 things you may not know about the bed in Minecraft

Similar to real life, bed in Minecraft also help you sleep well, rest and restore the health bar to welcome a new day. This is something that everyone who plays Minecraft is very familiar but there are some things about it that are not sure you know. The following will be listed for your reference.

15 things you may not know about the bed in Minecraft

  1. You can not put the bed under water. However, water can not wash the bed. You can create a bed to sleep in the water. Similarly you can put a bed deep in the water.
  2. The bed base has no texture on the inside, which makes the bed look rather weird. From version 1.12, the foot of the bed has a nice 3D texture design. It took about 12 versions to see the foot of the bed of Mojang.
  3. From the 1.3 Beta version back to the previous, the bed has a rather interesting mechanism. When sleeping in unsafe areas, you risk being awakened early by the monster. Just like at some point during sleep you get attacked. This is a very practical mechanism but unfortunately it was later replaced. When playing in this version I find the armor weakened when losing strength, quite good. It is less armor when the durability is low. The current mechanism of bed: You can sleep when no monsters are around in the 8 blocks. And once you are asleep, you are asleep in the morning, not awake in the middle.
  4. The bed will explode if you try to sleep in hell or the world ends. This explosion is stronger than TNT and Creeper, and comes with fire.
  5. You can sleep when there are slime monsters or lava monsters nearby. They can attack or push you out of bed. They will break your sleep. This also applies to Shulker. You will be in the state of flying and sleeping if you stick to Shulker’s balloon.
  6. The bed only appears in nature in the igloos.
  7. You can jump into bed to sleep when you are falling. You will not have to suffer from that drop until you wake up.
  8. In Beta version, players holding items while sleeping in bed will be shifted to one side.
  9. From 1.11.2 version down, players can make beds by 884736 different ways. You can use any wool and wooden planks to create a bed. However, from 1.12 version onwards, the bed can only be made from a type of wool. Because since version 1.12, beds have a lot of different colors. You can also dye a white bed into any color.
  10. In the Alpha version of Minecraft PE, sleeping on the bed will help you get back to the blood.
  11. The bed on the ice would be slippery like ice.
  12. You can sleep during the day when it is stormy or rainy. You will get up at the right time and it will stop the rain. Usually players will wake up when the sun rises.
  13. From version 1.12, the bed can also bounce close to the slimy mass which reduces the damage by 50% when dropped.
  14. If you put the head in front of the bed, you will see inside the head when you sleep. Sleeping views also affect some other blocks.
  15. Like the real life, the cats in Minecraft love to climb the bed. If there is a bed next to it, it will try to climb the bed.

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