All commands about Town in Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player, you surely know about Town. It is plat which players will buy to create their own town by building structures, organizing activities. But you need to have suitable inside and outside strategies to develop your town. At first, you need a slave secretary (or deputy mayor) and then set up the imba policy for your own town. You can find in your neighbors a suitable for secretary.

After choosing appropriate person, you can start creating your own town. While working, you need to use commands in order to make it easier and faster. We support you full commands in Town to help you can get the best results when creating town in Minecraft.

  1. Commands using Towny

  • Basic command:

/town – display information of Towny which you are playing
/town help – display all commands you can use in Towny
/town new <town name> – create a now town
/town join <town name> – ask for participating a town of other player

/town claim – buy land for Town
/town unclaim – sell land for Town
/towny add < name of player you need to add> – add another player into your Towny

/town leave – leave Town
/town withdraw – withdraw from bank
/town deposit – deposit into bank

  • Expended commands:

/town new <town name> <name of town owner> – create a new town and set up a owner fot it
/town add <name> assistant – choose a person as an assitant
/town here – display information of town you are staying
/town list – display list of all Towny in server
/town online – display all players who are online in Towny
/town spawn – move to your Towny
/spawn tentown – move to Towny of other player
/town unclaim all – sell all land in Town
/town delete <town name> delete town
/town ranklist – view rank list of all players in Town
/town rank add/remove <player name> <cave name> – add or remove cave of a player /town board <message> –notice when the manager online
/town homeblock – set up to spawn to Towny

/town outpost – set up outspot for Town
/town perm – view the policy

  1. Management commands

  • Basic commands:

/town set spawn – set the spawn position for Town
/town set name <new name> – set a new name for your Town
/town set mayor <player name> – set mayor for another player
/town set taxes <amount of money> – set taxes for town
/town set perm – set policy for town

  • Expended commands:

/town toggle explosion – allow or not the explosion in Town
/town toggle fire – allow or not fire in Town
/town toggle mobs – allow or not to have mobs in Town
/town toggle pvp – allow or not PVP in Town
/town toggle open – allow other players join or not

/town toggle taxpercent – set taxes in percent or number
/town toggle public – allow or not other players spawn to your Town

  1. Commands about policy in Town

/t set perm build on/off – on/off building
/t set perm destroy on/off – on/off destroying block
/t set perm switch on/off – on/off switch
/t set perm itemuse on/off – on/off using right of any item of players
/t set perm {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off}: on/off building, destroying block, switch, using right of resident/ally/outsider

  1. Chatting command

/townchat on town chat

Commands to manage Plot in Minecraft:

/plot- display commands of Plot
/plot forsale <price> – set price for each plot in Town (for town owner)
/plot claim – buy a plot

/plot unclaim – cancel the plot you’ve bought
/plot notforsale – cancel the plot town owner’vr sold
/plot perm – display the frontiers of plot which player is standing

/plot set shop – set a plot as shop
/plot set embassy – set plot as embassy
/plot set arena – set plot as arena

/plot set name – allow mayor and plot owner change name of plot he owns
/plot set perm {on/off} – change the border of plot players are standing
/plot set reset – Reset plot to origin
/plot toggle fire – allow or not fire in plot
/plot toggle pvp – allow or not PVP in plot
/plot toggle explosion – allow or not explosion in plot
/plot toggle mob – allow or not have mobs in plot
/plot toggle clear – remove list of blocked ID in plot (for mayor and plot owner)

That’s all commands about Town in Minecraft. We hope that it will bring the ease and convenience for all Minecraft players.

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