Big Boss Update on Minecraft PE 0.16’s delayed

As Minecraft gamers, we’ve been looking forward to Pocket Edition’s 0.16 update for a little while now, And we already have some information about the next update of the game, namely on Minecraft PE 0.16.0! At the moment, to download Minecraft PE 0.16.0 impossible because the release of this version has not yet taken place.

On Oct 18 2016, Thommaso Checchi posted this on Twitter, apologising for the delay in The Big Boss Update’s release:

The first confirmed the information stated by the developers about future update to MCPE: To refresh your memories, update 0.16 is the Big Boss update which brings the Elder Guardian and the dreaded Wither to the pint-sized edition of the game. You’ll also be able to get your fingers on basic slash commands to alter things like time of day and the weather.

Will there be More in 0.16.0?

It’s hard to tell if more will be snuck into the 0.16.0 release than what has already been communicated to the public. Some speculated that this world height change might make it into 0.16.0, but with ‘bugs’ requiring ‘a few days,’ it’s likely this and other additional features will be held off until a future point release.

Hopefully we’ll see the release before the end of the week but no matter if not. Check out Minecraft: Pocket Edition if you haven’t yet on Minecraft PE for Android or the Minecraft PE for iOS.

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