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Today, I want to show you a list of the best Minecraft PE adventure maps, after all, who haven’t spent lots of time looking for good adv. maps? These are MY top maps, with MY analysis, so, you maybe will think differently in the positions of some maps, after all, each one has your opinion.
Ok then, Let’s Begin!!!

DOWNLOAD & EXPLORE the absolute BEST Minecraft PE ADVENTURE MAPS available right now!

Tomb Crafter 5: Sphinx | Adventure Map for MCPE 0.15.0


Tomb Crafter 5 is finally here, and this time it is titled Sphinx. Yes. This time your adventure is taking place in Egypt, where you explore the ancient pyramids and of course, the great statue of the Sphinx.

Quick side note, if you do not know what Tomb Crafter is, it is an ongoing series of Adventure Maps. There previous version, Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati, is an Adventure Map quite like this one, where you go out to find the illuminati’s magical armor.

>>>> Download map: Here


Adventure Survival Map For Minecraft PE


This map will give players a world of talking about the Middle Ages, perhaps in the country, you will enjoy and experience the fun and exciting feeling. Looking at the pictures below you can recognize the appeal in this map, your task is easy, just go to visit, learn special things in this map do not need to do any testing What challenges. While waiting for something else? Be quick to download this map immediately … Have fun!

>>>> Download map: Here

Subject 248: The Beginning [Adventure]

In this map you will be the captive of an artificial intelligence which looks to be running experiments on humans. Complete a series of levels to perhaps ultimately be released from this lab of madness. This map is fairly easy to complete as it includes just a few different levels and they are all quite easy.



Suddenly you wake up with a slightly aching head. Your memory is blank and you have no idea where you are. After a short moment a robotic voice start speaking to you. You are given a new name: Subject 248 and a set of tasks are presented to you.


  • Don’t break / place blocks
  • Set difficulty to -|—- (easy)

>>> Download map: Here

VerseCrafter: The Beginning [Adventure]

VerseCrafter: The Beginning is the first map in a series of multiple maps to come. It’s a quite fun map with multiple levels and a story which goes with it. The story goes as following. You’ve lost your memory and to get it back you need to complete 7 different stages to reach the hall of memories.


The map includes multiple levels of parkour and puzzle challenges. For example, in one level you have to use some wheat to lead a sheep through a labyrinth.

>>> Download map: Here

Gold Rush Map

Gold Rush Map is a fun adventure map consisting of 15 different archery challenges. This type of map has never been done before and as a result it’s a unique and really fun map to play.


Gold Rush Map Rules

  • Don’t break blocks.
  • Set difficulty to peaceful.
  • Set brightness to max.

>>> Download map: Here

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