Download Minecraft 1.11 for PC

Minecraft 1.11 is an Exploration Update for Minecraft 1.10 which was released. Minecraft 1.11 version will fix all bugs in 1.10 that caused a crash on world load. It is compatible with almost servers. Minecraft 1.11 will be “slightly bigger than 1.10, but still a relatively small update.”The main focus for 1.11 is survival mode. In Minecraft 1.11 will have many awesome new things coming in the next update of PC / Mac edition such as: Llamas, Woodland Mansion, Evoker, Vex, Vindicator, Totem of Undying…

  • Woodland Mansion – Giant end-game dungeons that spawn in in Dark Oak Forests.
  • Treasure Map – Leads to hidden structures like monuments and dungeons.
  • Shulker Shell and Shulker Box – Shells dropped from Shulkers can be turned into boxes which keep their inventory when broken.
  • Cartographer Villager – Trades maps.
  • Illagers – Melee “Vindicators” and caster “Evoker” Illagers populate the new Woodland Mansion dungeons.
  • Vex – Flying enemy type that is spawned by Evoker-type Illagers.
  • Llama – Animal that can be saddled, tamed, leashed and equipped with a small 6-slot inventory.
  • Observer Block – Observes block updates and outputs a redstone signal.

Download Minecraft 1.11 for PC

Game specification:

Name: Minecraft
Developed by: Mojang
Category: Arcade
Version: 1.11
Released: unknow
Size: 80 MB
System: Win / Mac

The original Java version of Minecraft is currently exclusively available on PC, with update 1.11 planned to release on Wednesday later this week. The staggeringly popular “Pocket” version of Minecraft, available on consoles, mobile platforms, and through Windows 10, should eventually receive the 1.11 update, but it may be some time before that happens.

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