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Minecraft PE – the magic cubes game for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Download Minecraft PE for iOS – this game facsimiles survival style and develops its empire almost without enemy at the same level. It is sold on App Store with only $6.99.

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Its full name is Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Minecraft allow users play on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Players will be provided inceptive equipments and resources to create a new opened-world for their own. Gamers will live in the world of magic cubes, and try to survive by themselves and build a new empire from the inceptive.

The latest version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is added many kinds of piston, deserted temples, decoration package, Xbox Live support and especially a new service-Realms. Realms is the simplest method which helps gamers play game with their friends on different platforms. When you download Minecraft PE for iOS, you can try this feature free in 30 days.

Download Minecraft PE for iOS

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App Details

Developer Mojang AB
Version 0.15.7
Updated 2016-08-31
Size 126.28M
Age Rating N/A
Supported Languages English
Compatibility iOS 8.0

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In Minecraft for iOS, gamers will be discovered randomly created cities and create structures from simple cubes by themselves. You can play this game after download Minecraft PE for iOS in Creative serfdom with unlimited resources or in Survival serfdom to produce weapons, cuirass for fighting with many different kinds of enemy.

Back to Realms, this is a new service in Minecraft and provided under the form of automatic subscription renewal. After 30 days of free-using, players have to buy Minecraft Realms by paying money each month.

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There are two options to buy Realms for users based on the amount of the players you want to invite to play with at the same time. For example, Realms for you and 2 others with cost $3.99 per month or Realms for you and 10 other with cost $7.99 per month.

30 days of free-using Minecraft Realms is applied for you and 10 more players. After subscribing, the trying time ends. The fee will be counted for the iTunes account of player along with general renewal terms.

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In spite of simple 8-bit graphic, Minecraft’s graphic is very suitable for a game with imitative and survival style. Minecraft not only supports for players a chance to survive in a new world but also encourages their creativity to construct an empire for their own by the magic cubes. The updated version of Minecraft PE for iOS is added the ability to interact among the players all around the world and to share their varnish and interesting world.

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