Have you known about Parkour map in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a one of the most famous games over the world. In spite of simple landscapes, Minecraft is the combination of adventurous, survival, creative facts like reclamation, fighting with enemy, creating structures, creating map. Especially, creating map attracts all Minecraft players until now because of the mystery and new items in each kind of map. In this post, we will introduce you one of the best maps in Minecraft, Parkour map.

WesterosCraft map


WesterosCraft is a kind of Parkour map. It contains 22 challenges and 206 rounds. It is created based on landscape in American blockbuster movie- Game of Thor. If you are a fan of this movie, you can easily recognize that many structures which are built by blocks are very familiar. Moreover, in WesterosCraft, the world is enormous with more than 200 buildings created meticulously and spreaded all over this map.

Diversity map


It is said that Diversity is one of the greatest kinds of Parkour map in Minecraft because it is the combination among 10 kinds of map. In this map, players need to look for needed cubes of the walls and in each level, cubes will have different colors. Diversity is judged as the most favorite map in Minecraft.

Mystical Chamber map


This map contains may interest as well as challenges. In this map, players need to overcome 20 periods by completing rounds in which you need to fight with your enemies. With each round, there will be changes in style in landscape, so, you won’t ever feel boring when playing with this map.

Peculiar Parkour


Peculiar Parkour is an all-new Minecraft Parkour map. Peculiar Parkour is more ambitious and longer than any Parkour maps but players still feel excited the same. The amount of pixel art is so wonderful, while the crazy ‘meta’ stages will still keep the adventure in. This map is dedicated mainly to, “The Pack,” although there are many more dedications at the end. The Pack consists of six Minecraft YouTubers including: JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, Woofless, TBNRfrags, Molestar123, and CraftBattleDuty.

Judged as one of the most amazing maps in Minecraft, Parkour map will satisfy all the expectations of gamers.

Hope that you will enjoy Minecraft Parkour map with interesting experience!

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