How to Create a Multiplayer Local Server in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Minecraft is considered as one of the most attractive game for all farmers who love the creativity and architecture. Moreover, this game has an awesome feature, which allows players interact with their friends. In this post, we will show you the way to create a local server to help you add friends to enjoy this game together.

*Note: You and your friends have to use same Wi-Fi system.

Create a multiple local server in Minecraft PE

Step 1:

Start Minecraft PE in your device and tap on Setting option on right corner

Step 2:

In Option, choose Local server Multiplayer. And you can edit a name you want then click on Login

Step 3:

Next, folder Create a World will appear. And you can choose create a new world or use defaulted available worlds in Minecraft.

Step 4:

On the device of your friend, start Minecraft PE, tap Play and wait for system showing list of server. Then, you choose server which has Wi-Fi icon beside

After select a server, you will join the world of your friend and experience Minecraft PE with them.

Beside, Chatting feature is available in this game; you can use this feature by tapping chatting icon on the right corner. In case you want to change your name, do as step 2.

Hope that you can do this tutorial successfully and enjoy interesting time in Minecraft PE with your friends.

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