How to get coins in Minecraft PE?

As you know the 1.1 Minecraft PE update adds the tore and Minecraft coins. Basically, Minecraft coins can be used to buy skill packs, texture packs, worlds, and mash-up packs and music on Minecraft store.

In this post, we will show you the way to get free coins in Minecraft PE by using AppNana. This app can be exchanged for gift cards which can then be used to buy Minecraft PE coins.

For Android devices, you can download this app on Google Play store by search AppNana> click Install> Accept then waiting for installing.

For iOS devices, you search on Safari or browser then install AppNana profile. Once you have this app but you won’t able to use it. You have to trust the Bayrun profile. Go to Settings> General> Trust the Bayrun profile

Once opening this app, make an account and register. You will get some free manners of the bets. This app will offer some awesome rewards like iOS and Android gift card, PayPal cash, Amazon and Xbox gift cards and so on.

Next, you can actually start downloading the apps. The more apps you download, the more nanas you get.

With some apps, you just need to download and open it to be credited some nanas while the other ones require you open and do some tutorial.

When getting the nanas from AppNana, you can redeem them for iTunes and Android gift cards and buy Minecraft PE coins.

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