How to get diamonds in Minecraft PE easily?

In Minecraft, diamonds play a very important role. Many players do not know how to get diamonds in Minecraft PE? We will guide you how to find the precious diamonds that you have to work out but not be built.

To get the shiny diamonds players need to go to exploit diamond mines but not be able to manufacture or natural to get. Please refer to our article below to know how to get the precious diamonds, remember to follow the sequence.

Prepare diamond digger tool in Minecraft

Before you start the quest to find the sparkling diamonds in Minecraft, you need to prepare pickaxe for digging diamonds. Note that wooden pickaxe, stone pickaxe and gold pickaxe are not sufficiently durable to dig diamonds so you must prepare an iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe.


Make the iron pickaxe

To make the iron pickaxe you need to prepare 2 wooden sticks and 3 iron sticks. In addition, you can pick up a random iron pickaxe in a chest in an abandoned mine, mysterious fortress or village blacksmith shop, or talk to a blacksmith.


Make the diamond pickaxe

Also similar to the iron pickaxe, to make a diamond pickaxe you need to prepare two wooden sticks and three diamonds. Diamond pickaxe can also be exchanged with blacksmiths.

In addition, a bucket of water should be prepared to lava when needed, the material for making buckets of water is 3 iron sticks.

How to find and get diamonds in Minecraft PE

You should follow the following steps to find and get diamond mines:

Determine the exact location of the diamond mine

The diamond mine only appears between layers 1-16 and is most common in layer 12. So check the Y value on the map by pressing the F3 key, and if using a Mac, press FN + F3. To know exactly which layer you are. When you know exactly what layer you are easier to dig diamonds more, avoid encountering lava.


Discover through the cave system

Go round a discovery of the cave system, sometimes encountered huge caves, but discovered the diamond mine very easily. At that time you just exploit it, if too much lava, remember to bring a bucket of water to stamp it.


Diamonds can be found in abandoned chests

You can find diamonds in abandoned chests, but it depends on your luck, as these chests are rare.

Diamond digging at a 45 degree angle

It is best to dig at a 45-degree angle so that the rear forms steps, each step digging a deeper block than the previous one, so that when you want to return to the ground you just jump up the stairs. Digging in this way will reach the lowest depths safely and most efficiently, never dig down straight down.

Diamond digging branch

Diamond-digging by branch method increases the excavation area, creating 2×2 tunnels. Thanks to that, you will be able to dig up a lot of surface area, increasing your chances of finding diamonds and other minerals without affecting unnecessary blocks.


Dig diamond in a simple box

In a simple way dig a box around you and expand until you find diamonds and other minerals. However, finding diamonds in this way is very time consuming. If you define a permanent battle in this way to get diamonds, you should also make a bed and other personal tools to get some rest.


Some good tips to find diamonds in Minecraf you should know:

  • During the journey to find diamonds remember to carry lots of torches
  • Check the surrounding blocks carefully to avoid lava flows
  • Calculate and find the right way to dig with one terrain
  • Always bring buckets of water to deal with dangerous lava
  • Note that there is no place where there is a new lava diamonds, so you do not mistake

So you know how to get diamonds in Minecraft PE. Note that you need to be patient and not be discouraged. I wish you success and fun game.

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