How to install Minecraft PE Mods?

Minecraft PE Mods is one of the factors that make Minecraft PE become fun as well as different experience to gamer. However, installing Mods for Pocket version has more challenging than configuring with PC version.

Installing Minecraft PE Mods for iOS

*Note: Your iOS device must be jailbroken in order to install Mods because there isn’t another way to install Mods for your iOS devices.

Step 1: Download and install iFile

This app can only work on jailbroken iOS devices. You can download it from Cydia store.

Step 2: Download the ModLoader program

Next, you just need to access the link , scroll down to the Downloads section, and then click to “here” at the top of the Downloads section

Once complete, you will open the download page for ModLoader

Step 3: Launch iFile app

Tap Open in iFile to launch the iFile app

Step 4: Install ModLoader

  • Click to Installer to install ModLoader.
  • In case you can’t find this option, tap the com.sharedroutine.mcloader.deb file and then tap Installer.

Step 5: Download Mods

You need to return to SharedRoutine website, and you will see a small selection of Mods which are available on this website that you can use. Your work is downloading and installing any Mods you want with the same way you did ModLoader

*Download additional Mods from Cydia

There is another way you can get Mods. Cydia contains more tons of different Mods which can work with ModLoader (the file is .deb file) you can download and install it using iFile

Step 6:

Open Minecraft PE and tap the MCPE Mod Menu button

*You can put this button anywhere so that it placed somewhere more convenient

Step 7: Adjust the Mods settings

The settings for the installed Mods will be in the Mod Menu. With each Mod, you can choose a suitable method like using the sliders to adjust effects or toggling the Mod ON or OFF.

Installing Minecraft PE Mods for Android

Step 1: Install BlockLauncher

This app is for managing mod files in Minecraft PE. BlockLauncher is available on Google Play Store so you can download and install it easily.


– BlockLauncher only works with the Google Play Store version of Minecraft PE

– BlockLauncher cannot work with Android devices using Intel Atom chip

– BlockLauncher is one of reliable ways to install Mod. Besides, you can use PocketTool

Step 2: Find the Mod you want to download

Mods for Minecraft PE Android version are a variety of different mod and fan sites in form of .js file for mod code or .zip file for texture


– Mods can be only used if they are made for the Minecraft PE and they should be for the version of which you are currently using

– Mods for PC or Mac versions are unallowable

Step 3: Download necessary file

Next, you just need to tap each of download links to download the Mod files to your device.

Step 4: Load a texture file

Texture file is a necessary step to skip to the next one. You will use BlockLauncher to load texture file.

You need to follow: start BlockLauncher >BlockLauncher Settings> Launcher Options> Texture Pack> Select> open Download folder and select downloaded .zip file

Step 5: load the Mod file

  • You will use BlockLauncher to do this step.
  • You need to follow: start BlockLauncher> BlockLauncher Settings> Manage ModPE Scripts> Import> Local storage> open Downloads folder and choose Downloaded .js file

Step 6: Enable Mods

Gamer can choose Enable or Disable installed Mods through the BlockLauncher Settings menu while playing. You just need to tap the Mod you want in order to toggle and then set Enable or Disable for any Mods

That’s all about installing Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Hope that this tutorial will help you configure Mods successfully and enjoy interesting experience with Minecraft.

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