How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition Maps for mobile devices?

Minecraft now become a one of the most popular and famous games. It attracts millions of downloading each year of both iOS and android users. However, some players get stuck with maps installing in order to enjoy this game. Therefore, in this post we share you the way to get Minecraft PE maps for your mobile device in detail.

  1. Install Minecraft PE maps for iPhone and iPad

  • Download any Minecraft PE map that you want to play and then extract this file
  • Download and install iExplorer – a free demo version does everything you need
  • Connect your iOSdevice and Computer together with a USB cable, and then open
  • Press “Apps” and find “Minecraft PE“.
  • Click on the following folder to order:  Documentsgames > mojang > minecraftWorlds.
  • Drag and drop the Minecraft PE map folder into the minecraftWorlds

That’s all you need to do in order to get maps for your iOS mobile devices

  1. Install Minecraft PE maps for Android

  • Download “ASTRO File Manager” from Google Play Storeor Amazon Appstore and then install it into your android device. Other File Managers which can work for Android is accepted.
  • Download a map you want to play to your device
  • Open “ASTRO File Manager” and click on the “Download” folder.
  • Click on the zip archive file of the map.
  • Go back to the Primary folders in ASTRO (where the “Download” folder was located)and then go to “games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds“.
  • Copy and paste the map you’ve downloaded in to minecraftWorlds Or you can also use USB cable to connect your device to a PC and search “games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds” folder, then copy and paste the map folder into it.

Hope that this tutorial is clear enough to help you get map for your Mac successfully.

Wish you enjoy amazing maps in Minecraft PE.

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