How to install mods for Minecraft PC?

It is too difficult to cover exactly How to install Mods for your Minecraft PC because each mod is created by a different person using different methods. Each mod should come with its own installation instructions, but mostly assume that you’ll follow something like these series of steps.

Here are the steps to install Mods for Minecraft PC

Step 1: Backup your game files

Mods mess around with the original content of the game, and they are experience of each creator so something could go wrong with that. This includes the files where Minecraft saves the worlds you create and stores data about your achievements and other stats. So before installing any mod you should always, always backup these files.

One of the most important files is minecraft.jar. It contains important folder like .minecraft/saves and .minecraft/stats

Based on your PC’s operating system, find where these files are stored on your computer:

Windows 7 and 8
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\

Windows Vista/XP
C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/

On some operating systems you might need to unhide hidden files and folders before you can see these directories. In Windows this is a setting in the control panel.

Step 2:  Check that you have an archive utility program

Open some of the files that you’ll be working with (which will have extensions like .rar and .jar). Your operating system might already have one of these installed, but if not you can easily find free versions:

  • WinRAR
  • Winzip
  • 7zip
  • Archive Utility (comes with OSX)
  • The Unarchiver

Step 3:  Check which version of Minecraft you’re run

You need to know which mod you’re running before you start downloading to find which are not compatible. It’s really easy to find out. You just need to launch Minecraft and look on the bottom left corner of the screen.

>>>>> Download the latest Mincraft version

Step 4:  Download the mod

Once you’ve found a mod you like the sound of from a source that seems reliable, download the file and save it somewhere on your computer. But you have to notice to the security tips!

>>>>> Download Minecraft Mods

Step 5:  Download any additionally required files

Some mods need to work with other mods in order for them to work properly. This should be noted in both the place where you got them and in the documentation that you downloaded along with the mod files, and usually there are links so you know where to get them.

Step 6:  Open the .jar

That’s the one you located in step 1. To open it you’ll need to un-archive it using the archive utility program mentioned in step 2 – the way you do this will differ depending on which program you’re using, but for most of them it will be something like right-clicking on the file name and choosing to open the file with your un-archiver.

Step 7:  Install the mod

Follow the instructions that came with the mod. This usually involves opening or un-archiving the mod file into a temporary folder, and then moving the contents into the .jar.

Step 8:  Delete the META-INF folder

This folder contains files which are designed to stop Minecraft from running if it detects that there have been changes, so you have to delete them in order for the game to run with mods installed.

Step 9:  Launch Minecraft

Now, you can start up Minecraft with the mod installed and running.

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