How to install Parkour map for Minecratf?

Minecraft is known as one of the most famous game which attracts players all over the world. The biggest attractions of this game is mysterious and interesting maps and ability to create a map for players. Now, there are many maps available in Minecraft but Parkour map is clailmed is one of the most amazing and interesting maps for all Minecraft gamers. In this post, we will show you how to download and install Parkour map in Minecraft.

Minecrat Parkour Map downloading and installing

Minecraft is the combination of many factors like adventure, building, and survive which allows players try amazing experience as well as develop their creativity. In spite of owning simple graphic, Minecraft has its own style which makes the different among millions of games on the market. To experience all interest in Minecraft, you should download and install map for Minecraft, especially Parkour map.

Below are guide for downloading and installing this kind of map for Minecraft.

Step 1: Download Minecraft

You search key word ‘Minecraft Map’ on Google or any other searching tools (we refer you use Google) to find website which provide Minecraft maps. When accessing to providing website, there are many versions, you can choose any one you want and click to Download button.

>>>>> Download Minecraft PE Now

Step 2: Extract file

Afetr downloading Map, you need to extract this file by using right click on this file and tap ‘extract here’

Step 3: Save file

  • Navigate to Start bar and type “%appdata%” on searching bar
  • After that go to Roaming→ .minecraft→ Saves
  • Copy extracted file into Saves folder

Step 4: Install map

Start Minecraft and wait for loading game. After that, a list of Maps will be displayed on screen, you need to choose Parkour Map.

That’s all steps you need to do to have Parkour Map in Minecraft. With some manipulations, you can install an amazing kind of Minecraft Map to experince.

Hope you enjoy Minecraft with mysterious maps in Parkour type.

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