How to Make a Basic Private Server in Minecraft?

Creating your own server to enjoy the world in Minecraft with your friends is really interesting as you will be no longer annoyed with people in public server. Below is the simplest way to create your server in Minecraft.

Step 1: Downloads

  • Download LogMeln Hamachi and Minecraft server client (you can find it on Google by searching “Minecraft Server Download”).

*Note: You need find a server client which is compatible with your Minecraft version.

  • Open Hamachi and create an account

Step 2: Create a network

  • After create an account in Hamachi, it will ask you to make a network or you will create a network manually. Click to button on the top left corner under manage to create a network
  • Then your friends in same Hamachi server just need to click to Join button, and enter the server name and password to participate in your server.

Step 3: Make change in server client

  • Create a folder and name it as you want and put downloaded server client in.
  • Open the server client (you can double click or right click and hit open)
  • You will see 3 file, open file Eula.txt then change eula=false inside this file to eula=true
  • Save change then close this file
  • Open server client to open it again

Step 4: Join the server

  • Go to Minecraft multiplayers and tap Add server and name it as you want
  • Go back Hamachi window. You will see the server address like You mustn’t add anything after
  • Add the address in and tap Done
  • Enter the server

For your friends, they have to log into the network on Hamachi and power button is on and use the address above to join your server.

Step 5: Admin Commands

Once you have the server, you can control all things like entering cheats in chat in-game, or adding “/op (your name)” into the console to have power as the console in game, or typing “/deop (name)” to op other people.

When quitting, remember to type /save-all in the game or the console to save your world.

That’s all about creating a basic server. Now, it’s time for enjoying your world.

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