How to make items in Minecraft?

It is so simple to make items in Minecraft. With some easy steps you can make items, materials, blocks and tools for your world. In this post, I will introduce you the way to make items in Minecraft in detail.

Minecraft is familiar with all players who love architectures. Minecraft gives the prominence to the creativity so there are no rules as well as missions for the players. Going around Minecraft’s world, you will see various structures with separate styles, which create the attraction for this game.

In Minecraft, there are all of geographical situation like forest, marsh, mountain, desert, and snow area. At the day in Minecraft, gamers have to build a house for their own to shelter. And in the next days, they will construct their own world parallel with manufacturing tools to helps create the new world.

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With different materials, players will receive tools having different time using. To know exactly the expiry date of your tools, you can use F3+H when you are in your store.

If your tool is softly broke, you can fix them by combining two of them. You should use each tool with its usage to use it longer.

Basic formulates to make items in Minecraft:


With a block of wood, you will receive 4 pieces of wood. The material to make it is the wood you receive after cutting trees. This item will be used to manufacture the other tools and building materials. Except wooden stairs and wooden planks, you can manufacture items from any kind of wood you collected.


You will use 2 woods to make 4 sticks. The material to make stick is wood. Stick will be used to torch, arrow, sign, ladder, fence, painting and weapons.


You will use 4 woods to make a workbench. Workbench will help players use manufacturing frame in size 3×3.


You need 8 woods to make a chest. You will use chest to store blocks and your items. There are 27 boxes in a chest. It you put 2 chest together, you will have a bigger one with double size.


You need 8 stone blocks to make a furnace. You will use furnace to cook.


You need a coal block and a stick to make a torch. You will use torch lighten and melt the ice.


You need 7 sticks to make 3 ladders. You will use ladder to climb.


There are 4 ways to make fence:

  • 6 sticks→ 2 fences
  • 6 coal blocks→ 6 fences
  • 4 wooden blocks and 2 sticks→ 3 fences

You will use fence to prevent monster from your house.


You need 4 woods to make a boat. With boat, you can move on river conveniently than swimming.

Wooden slabs

You will use 3 woods to makes 6 wooden slabs. Wooden slab is material to make ladder. If you heal up two wooden slabs, you will have a wood.

Stone slabs

You need to combine 3 blocks of hard stone, cobble, sandstone, brick, stone brick, hell stone and quartz. It will be the material of making ladder.


You need to combine 6 woods and a stick to make a sign. You will use sign to wonder for the other players.


You need 6 woods and 6 iron bars to make 3 iron doors or 3 wooden doors. You will tap right click to use wooden door or using red stone. And you can use iron door by using tool which can emit red stone sign.


You need 8 sticks and a wool to make a painting. Painting will make your house more beautiful.


You need 2 woods and 3 wools to make a bed. You will relax and recover your strength here.

We’ve show you formulates to make items in Minecraft. Hope that you can catch them and apply them smoothly.

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