How to play Minecraft for beginners (P1)

Minecraft- magic cubes

If you are a gamer who likes architecture games, you will not ignore Minecraft because it is a famous game among gamers in a long period of time. This game encourages the creativity of players because there is no rule for creating structures in it. The structures that people build in this game own the individual style and are different from the others’. From the soil or stone cubes, players can create wonderful structures.

At the first time playing this game, all players feel so boring because of simple graphic of Minecraft; however, after some minutes playing, gamers will be attracted because it arouses the their creativity. Perhaps this is the key point which creates the success of Minecraft while other games can own. In spite of being released in short term of time but Minecraft makes a strong impression on players. According to the Minecraft provider company, at the end of 2014, they sold 54 million of copies. This is a very impressive number. Thus, in the second quarter of 2014, Microsoft investigated $2.5 billion to buy Minecraft copyright.

Let’s read the playing guide about How to play Minecraft for beginners!

Setting to start playing Minecraft:

Step 1:

After downloading Minecraft, select Enter Game to start playing. And then it will appear a window in which there are two playing serfdoms like:

  • Single: If you are a beginner, you should choose this type
  • Multi player: You will interact with other players


Step 2:

After choosing Single serfdom, there will be a Choosing world window. You need to choose Create a new world to build a new world for your own.


Step 3:

After appearing choosing creating a new world, it will appear a window, in which you will name for your new world and then select what type to play in Minecraft. You will have 3 options like:

  • Survival: In this serfdom, you have to find out food to survive by yourself
  • Hardcode: In this serfdom, the level is up comparing to Survival. You have only one life and if you die, you have to create your world again.
  • Creative: Minecraft provides you all kinds of block and you just need to create a new world for your own.


After that, you can choose other options to set up for your world.

Step 4:

When you choose other options for your world, there will be some options for you:

  • Seed: You can skip this field. When you create any Seen, it will appear a new world randomly
  • Creating structures: If you turn on this field, there will be villages and prisons in your world and if you turn off it, these things will lose.
  • World: there are 3 kinds of world for you:
    • Default: Common world
    • Super Flat: It will be the flat world
    • Large Biomes: The world will be larger than normal
  • Cheat: You can be on or off this filed. If you choose this field, the commands will be:
    • Change serfdom: /gamemode
    • Raise xp: /xp
    • Customize weather: /toggledownfall
    • See the seed in your world: /seed
  • Chest Bonus: When starting this game, there will be a chest where there are some convenient tools for beginners.
  • Moving keys:
    • W: Go straight (you can tap twice to run or tap Ctrl)
    • S: Retrograde
    • A: Turn to the left
    • D: Turn to the right
    • E: Open your bag
    • Shift: Crouch
    • Right click: Put blocks or use some items
    • Left click: Attack, destroy and collect

Or you can navigate to Option→ Control to change these above keys as you want.

Above are some basic guides for beginners after downloading Minecraft. Hope that they will help you start playing Minecraft smoothly.

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