How to play Minecraft for beginners (P2)

In previous post, we introduced the basic setting for beginners to start playing Minecraft. As we mentioned, there are 3 types for players to choose like: Survival, Creative and Adventurous and this game has no rule and is an opened game.

With simple graphic, all the landscapes in Minecraft are created from cubes. So, players will thinks about Pikachu – a PC game which is very familiar to 8X generation. However, Minecraft has special attraction to gamers. Released for long times with millions of copies are sold, Minecraft is really wonderful interest for all gamers. If you are a NewBie, you should start this game immediately.

In Survival type, players have strength level and have to find resources and food. And at night, monsters will appear to attach players. But if players defeat Ender Dragon- the strongest monster in this game, there will be no difficulty for them.

At the first day in your new world, you have to cut trees for creating tools to collect food. When you collect enough wood, you can create other tools to exploit resources.

You need to click to the trees near you and press left click to cut them, and when you will see them split, set free. You need to collect all size of wood for different purposes in the next time. When you see that you have enough wood, press E key in order to open Chest and you will see in which:

  • 4 down boxes beside your character. They are for hat, dress, pans and shoes
  • 4 boxes for manufacturing area in which you can make common items
  • 1 box next to creating area is your yield after you manufacturing
  • 9 across boxes at the bottom is where you will store your yields to use

You can put the wood you exploited to manufacturing area and then you can receive 4 pieces of wood to put into your chest.

  • Put 2 pieces of wood to create stick
  • Put 4 pieces of wood to create workbench

You can click to tool bar and put workbench on the ground by tap on right click and then tap right click again to see manufacturing list. To broaden manufacturing area, you can click to manufacturing area.

Some tools you can make:

  • Hoe: helps to dig stone, coal. It is the tool to begin all the work so make hoe is very vital. After using hundreds of times, your hoe will be broke.
  • Axe: helps to cut trees
  • Shovel: helps to dig the earth
  • Sword: helps to defeat monsters

At the first night, you have to find a hallow to stay because there will be a lot of dangers around you. You can use hoe you made to dig a hole to shelter. When creating a hole, you can excavate more stone to create other stone tools.

With stone tools, you can find iron to make iron tools and with irons tools you can find diamond.

After building a temporary house, you need to find food for your dinner. But you have to remember the position of your house to return. You should find cows or sheep for meat and clothes. Eating beef will help you recover your strength faster.

After manufacturing stone hoe, you should create bed, radiator, chest, torch to lighten your house. Remember to collect coal to bake meat and heating.

And be careful with monsters at night. They are around your house.

If it is not really obvious, you can watch the guide video below.

All guides for beginners are introduced to you in detailed. When playing Minecraft, you also need to solve all the situations flexibly. You should study Minecraft guide for Survival type carefully to collect all the needed experience to start playing this game.

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