How to ride llama in Minecraft PE?

Llama is a new exotic animal added to the latest Minecraft 1.11 update. You can find this animal on certain biomes like savanna and extreme hills. When tamed, it can help carry your stuff.

As a horse, you can also ride, decorate Llamas and have them carry your items. However, horse saddles and armor aren’t the decorations, so you need to use carpets instead. Each llama has certain strength so with different Llamas, the amount of items carried also have differences.

Here is the breakdown for each point of strength:

  • Llama with a strength of 1 will carry 3 slots
  • Llama with a strength of 2 will carry 6 slots
  • Llama with a strength of 3 will carry 9 slots
  • Llama with a strength of 4 will carry 12 slots
  • Llama with a strength of 5 will carry 15 slots

You cannot control Llamas while riding them; you just can attach a lead to it in order to make it follow. An important point that you have to pay attention to is that when attaching a lead to a llama, its herd will follow you, which form a caravan. And when another llama is attached the lead, another caravan is also formed.

You should keep your llamas together.

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