How to use elytra wings in Minecraft PE?

Elytra wings are one of the new features in version 1.0 for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). It is a transportation item which allows the Player to glide. This post explains how to use elytra wings with screenshots and step-by-step instructions in Minecraft Pocket Edtion.


How to install the Elytra Wings pack?

  1. 1. Choose which wing u would like to use.
  2. Copy the chosen file to games/com.mojang/resource_packs
  3. Start the game and select the resource pack.
  4. Restart yr Minecraft PE.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Glide with the Elytra Wings

You don’t really fly with the elytra but rather glide through the air at a very fast speed. Because you are gliding, you need to find somewhere high to start. In this example, we will go to the top of a mountain.

Next, run off the side of the mountain. The game control to open the elytra wings depends on the version of Minecraft: For Pocket Edition (PE), tap once on the Jump button.

15 Custom Elytra Wings for Minecraft PE

  1. Purple Beetle Wings (.McPack)
  2. GreenWing Macaw (.McPack)
  3. Green Beetle Wings (.McPack)
  4. Fried Chicken Wings (.McPack)
  5. Eagle Wings (.McPack)
  6. Red Dragon Wings (.McPack)
  7. Angel Wings (.McPack)
  8. Pheonix Wings (.McPack)
  9. Green Dragon Wings (.McPack)
  10. Golden Beetle Wings (.McPack)
  11. Fairy Wings (.McPack)
  12. DragonFly Wings (.McPack)
  13. Demon Wings (.McPack)
  14. Ender Dragon Wings (.McPack)
  15. Invisible Elytra Wings (.McPack) (credits: zypher, Twitter Account)

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