Minecraft 1.11 – The Exploration Update is coming

Minecraft lead designer Jens took to the main stage of Minecon on the final day of Minecon 2016 to go through the changelog of the upcoming 1.11 update for Minecraft. In  Minecraft 1.11 will have many awesome new things coming in the next update of PC / Mac edition. Dubbed the ‘Exploration Update’, most of the additions are aimed at adding more things to do in the game outside of mining and, well… crafting.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.11 for PC / Mac



The llamas live in mountain regions and can be equipped with your items and a piece of carpet to look snazzy. Not only will they follow you on their travels, they’ll also form a “caravan” if there’s more than one, and spit globs at any hostile mobs you meet, allowing you to transport items over large distances. The ‘Shulker box’ meanwhile is something that even I – as someone who hasn’t played Minecraft in years – think is pretty nifty. It’s a container that keeps all your items inside even when it is knocked down. No more busting up your chest and watching all the coal spill out, like coins out of a Sonic.

Woodland Mansion


The update introduces the Illagers – a new bunch of mobs who inhabit Woodland Mansions. They’re a mean lot who attack intruders with deadly magic and summon mischievous flying imps called Vexes. True to the update’s name, you can now buy maps from village Cartographers which will lead you to Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions. There be treasure!


Basically a Villager in black robes, the Evoker has two unique moves, both of which are tough to beat, putting Evoker on par with some of the game’s proper bosses in terms of sheer difficulty. Firstly, Evoker can cast a wave of pillars that deal a lot of damage if the player is caught by one. Evoker’s other ability is that it can summon a small, impish mob called Vex.


Tiny, sprite-like ghosts that float around vexing the player – hence the name. They don’t do much damage, but these guys are summoned in high enough numbers to make up for it. They’re also too quick to shoot with a bow and often out of reach for melee weapons, making them very difficult to get rid of even if you’ve dealt with their summoner.


The final and most conventional of the new hostile mobs is Vindicator – which is a great name to have if you’re basically just a villager with an axe.

Totem of Undying

Giving you reason to stalk a Woodland Mansion, the Totem of Undying is a rare drop from the new Evoker mob. You can equip the Totem of Undying as a consumable item in one of your hands, so that should you receive a fatal blow, you’ll instead use the item and be granted a temporary boost to your stats – ensuring that you can survive any near-death experience. Extra handy for Survival Mode.

… And many more

Everything NEW added in Minecraft 1.11

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