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When was Minecraft made?

Minecraft is no longer a strange name to any player in the world, a game that brings in huge revenue every month that any other product is dreaming of, although officially owned by Microsoft in 2014, but it has helped Mojang Studio’s development team rank among the top developers in the world. Many new Minecraft […]

How to ride llama in Minecraft PE?

Llama is a new exotic animal added to the latest Minecraft 1.11 update. You can find this animal on certain biomes like savanna and extreme hills. When tamed, it can help carry your stuff. As a horse, you can also ride, decorate Llamas and have them carry your items. However, horse saddles and armor aren’t […]

How to get coins in Minecraft PE?

As you know the 1.1 Minecraft PE update adds the tore and Minecraft coins. Basically, Minecraft coins can be used to buy skill packs, texture packs, worlds, and mash-up packs and music on Minecraft store. In this post, we will show you the way to get free coins in Minecraft PE by using AppNana. This app […]

An Adventure Time mash-up pack is on its way to Minecraft: Pocket Edition/Windows 10

Minecraft just took a huge step in the right direction as it’ll soon be launching its Adventure Time mash-up pack on Pocket Edition/Windows 10. If you’re not familiar with the epic series, you need to get familiar. Like, right now, seriously. This next update brings us renown characters skins like Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, BMO, […]

Minecraft can be played on the Nintendo Switch in May

It sounds exciting when Minecraft will have a version played on Nintendo’s new operating console. Remember May 11, it’s Minecraft will officially allow players to install on the Nintendo Switch. You can install via Nintendo’s eShop. As announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, this new edition of the game comes with the Super Mario Mash-Up […]

How to get diamonds in Minecraft PE easily?

In Minecraft, diamonds play a very important role. Many players do not know how to get diamonds in Minecraft PE? We will guide you how to find the precious diamonds that you have to work out but not be built. To get the shiny diamonds players need to go to exploit diamond mines but not […]

Minecraft on PC Tutorial for Beginners

Minecraft does not have a shiny graphical interface like some of today’s games, but the more you play, the more attractive and difficult it is to leave the game. Join the game Minecraft players as they immerse themselves in the world wide, built entirely random with a variety of terrain from jungle, swamp, mountains to […]

Teleporting in Minecraft for PC

Teleporting allows gamer instantly travel to a specified location or player. With each mode you need use different manipulations. And for each versions of Minecraft, you also need different ways. In this post, we will show you a method to teleport in Minecraft for PC Step 1: Make sure that you can use the command […]

Teleporting in Minecraft PE and in Minecraft for Consoles

Teleporting is an indispensable manipulation in Minecraft which all players need to know for moving conveniently in game. In the previous post, we shared you the way to teleport in Minecraft for PC. Today, we will introduce the two rest methods- teleport in Minecraft PE and teleport in Minecraft for Consoles. Let’s learn about two […]

How to install Minecraft PE Mods?

Minecraft PE Mods is one of the factors that make Minecraft PE become fun as well as different experience to gamer. However, installing Mods for Pocket version has more challenging than configuring with PC version. Installing Minecraft PE Mods for iOS *Note: Your iOS device must be jailbroken in order to install Mods because there […]