Minecraft gameplay

Minecraft is an open-world 3D game, in fact the world in Minecraft is huge, even bigger than Earth. It is even more feasible to walk around the earth than to let your character walk through Minecraft maps. Minecraft gameplay is very innovative and extremely attractive and currently has versions on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, Play Station platforms.

Minecraft gameplay makes me more surprises and fun

  • Very unique gameplay, I have never played such games before.
  • At first glance, you will see that the graphics are very bad, but when you get into the Minecraft world, you will see that the graphics are so beautiful, logical and lively.
  • A game with extremely light settings, even pirated version is only about 2MB but hardware requirements while playing is not lightweight. To run smoothly, or to naughty the graphics mods, you’ll need a relative graphics card, as well as a relatively large amount of RAM.
  • A game looks simple but has extremely rich game play, there are so many players in the world, up to now have more than 20 million people buy the game, the number of players pirate version must be several Times that number.

Game modes

The game has three game modes of play: “survival“, “creative” and “adventure“. You can also play online or play offline, online players also create a lot of different modes of play.

  • Survival Mode: Players must seek resources, have health bar, can hungry and must fight the monsters to attack players usually appear at night. The ultimate goal of this game is to defeat Ender Dragon (Ender Dragon).
  • Creative Mode: Your artwork is infinite. You have no blood and the ability to counterbalance this type of world, mainly dependent on creativity.
  • Hardcore Mode: When you die, you will not be revived and you will have to erase the world.
  • Spectator Mode: When in this mode you will go through blocks, have the ability to look but can not interact with things. This mode has not been released yet, only in snapshots of Minecraft 1.8.
  • Adventure Mode: This mode is quite similar to survival mode, but it is limited to the fact that you can not break, put blocks, you must have the right tools to hit or break the blocks.

Minecraft Gameplay

The main mode of Minecraft is survival mode. The world of Minecraft is composed of basic elements such as block, there are many types of block, digging for soil block, digging sand for sand block, digging stones for block stone, cutting wood for block wood, etc. It is the raw material for you to create everything in the game through the formulas that the manufacturer has provided. The game has no mission, nor does it have a specific mandatory purpose, simply that you do what you like, create everything you want, and survive. You can create your own home, build a farm, garden, raise a dog, raise a cow. Or make yourself a palace, a ship in the middle of the sea. Build your own monster machine, become an adventurer go anywhere in the world of Minecraft to destroy monsters, etc.

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