Minecraft helps children develop the intelligence by playing game

At first, players build structures and protect them by fighting with the monsters at night. This is also an adventure with friends or seeing sunset in the world of the cubes. The players fight against the most terrible things at Nether. Or you can visit the land of mushrooms if you like.

Pocket Edition contains 2 serfdoms like Survival and Creative; and paying with many gamers through Wi-Fi. Don’t hesitate! Let’s participate in an amazing adventure in the world of cubes, where you can discover the new caves, creatures, villages, monsters and more. Just need a phone with full power, let’s create and discover anywhere in the amazing world of Minecraft.


In Creative serfdom, players can fly around the world of Minecraft and construct by using unlimited resources provided. In Survival serfdom, players can build structures like palaces, bridges, etc. on the ground. But at night, many terrible monsters appear and attack players and destroy their structures. Minecraft has no plot but the only way to survive is that you have to create endlessly.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition owns a flexible controlling system with arrows and jumping button at the center. This new version allow players move flexibly by pressing and holding down up button, dragging left and right button from 2 sides or shelving, gliding your thumb. Attacking the enemy also becomes easier by this controlling system. To interact with other world, you can choose blocks by “powerful finger” (thumb) and then press and hold down to use them. It will appear a light around the thumb when you exploit the mineral. Survival serfdom has a minor difference which allows players access to a list of all cubes in this game. One of the biggest strengths of Pocket Edition is the ability to interact with other players through Wi-Fi. Gamers can be in or out of the world of their friends and play with them conveniently.

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