Minecraft Mods 1.10.2 download (P1)

Here is the list of the latest mods Minnecraft 1.10.2 is written and compiled by the Minecraft community. Compared with the previous version, version Frostburn Update – Minecraft 1.10.2 much smaller scale.These mods version is worth to try to play, it will give you a new experience in gaming. Do not forget to share with your friends if you found this useful list.

Download the list recently updated Minecraft mods 1.10.2 – part 1

[1.10.2] Custom NPCs Mod

Custom NPCs is one great mod created for players who felt so lonely into Minecraft world due to the lack of other players or other persons if they play on singleplayer. From now on, if you want to change your gaming experience completely into a new one full with npc’s that will make your day routine nicer and more enjoyable, this mod is perfect for you.

It will add into your Minecraft a lot, I mean hundreds of new customizable citizens, monsters and animals. I said customizable because if you don’t like the skin of each npc, you can add your desired skin.

The following list is with some jobs you can give to your npc’s.

Trader NPC

  • By using the setup screen you can set the traded items.
  • The limit is 12 items

Mercenary NPC

  • You can set for how many days you hire the npc and how much you pay for his work.
  • If he dies, he will respawn at the starting point.

Itemgiver NPC

  • This NPC give items from his inventory just if you interact with them.

Custom NPCs Mod 1.8.6 changelog

  • Fixed some new bugs

How to install Custom NPCs Mod

  1. Download the MOD
  2. Move the mod files into .minecraft/mods
  3. Done! Enjoy this great mod.

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] Pixelmon Furniture Mod


The Pixelmon Furniture Mod is an awesome mod that will make each Pokemon fan happy because it will add tons of cool Pokemon style furniture into Minecraft. All this being said if you’re a hard Pokemon lover you need to take in consideration to use this mod because surely you won’t regret that you have installed it. The Pixelmon Furniture Mod doesn’t add new features to the gameplay, it only adds these cool furniture that will give a new theme of all of your home interiors and exterior as well. Right after you have installed the mod and you’re not satisfied with this new addition, you can contact the creator of the mod to give some advice what would you want to be added and he will be happy to take your request.

Furniture List:

  • Poke-Lamp
  • Poke-Table
  • Poke-Armchair
  • Poke-Currency
  • Poliwrath Poke-Mirror
  • Pikachu Poke-Mirror
  • Poke-Coins
  • Poke-Dollars
  • Woolen Poke-Canvas (Holding Painting RMB to place it on canvas, Shift + RMB to change painting)
  • Wooden Poke-Canvas
  • Poke-Metal Dust
  • Poke-Paper Dust
  • Poke-Laptop
  • Poke-Sticker
  • Poke-Door Mats (12 variants)
  • Metal Poke-Ore
  • Paper Poke-Ore
  • Poke-Fence
  • Poke-Scanner

How to install Pixelmon Furniture Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the mod and move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod!

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] Building Bricks Mod


The Building Bricks Mod replace the normal blocks into segmented pieces that can be used to create new constructions. A simple example that everyone can give is that by now you can create stairs, this cannot be done in the vanilla Minecraft because there currently exits just square blocks. So if you decided to install the Building Bricks Mod your gaming experience will be completely improved because you are able to build some unique buildings.

One of the most popular thing that the players loves to do in Minecraft is to build, but once a time they get bored because they are impossible to build their dream house for example. But by now they can be happy because a mod developer decided to make this great mod that will surely make you Minecraft the world looks more realistic.

How to install Building Bricks Mod

  1. Download and install Forge API
  2. Download the Building Bricks Mod and mod the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and choose the mod!

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] Colossal Chests Mod


Colossal Chests Mod is the right option for that moment when you wish to have a larger chest. Basically, this mod adds new chests with different sizes. The maximum size of the chests can be adjusted from the config file and I can say that if you need bigger chests you can spawn a new one that is huge like a house.

So once you installed the Colossal Chests Mod you will not encounter with limited storage space in chests, because in these new chests you can store a lot of things. At any time you can create new chests from any block you want, and without any size limitation but of course there’s no reason why you will need a humongous chest huge like a mountain for example, but you can try it to see how it is.

How to install Colossal Chests Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API and Cyclops Coreit is required
  2. Download Colossal Chests Mod and move the files into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and choose the mod!

Download Mod

Colossal Chests mod 1.10.2

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