Minecraft Mods 1.10.2 download (P2)

In the previous post (Minecraft mods 1.10.2 download (P1)), I introduced 4 mods for Minecraft 1.0.2. Today, I will continue to introduce to you the next 4 mods for Minecraft 1.10.2.

Download the list recently updated Minecraft mods 1.10.2 – part 2

[1.10.2] Dungeon Tactics Mod


Dungeon Tactics Mod is one of the most interesting mod when it comes to disguising about his features, mainly it is more a gameplay focused mod. All this being said once you decided to install it, the entire gaming experience will be increased because there are a lots of awesome content that will keep the game engaging not like in the Vanilla Minecraft or in other mods where after a certain time you get bored. Until now no other mods like the Dungeon Tactics Mod had the chance to offer a large variety of unique items that will make the time spent with it being unforgettable.

Right before to start to use the Dungeon Tactics Mod you must know that it will add a lot of melee weapons, ranged weapons, new armors and lots of interesting tools, that will help you to make the entire life on Minecraft much more attractive an also fun at the same time. One of these tools that can be crafted by yourself are the craftable traps, by using them you’re able to defend your base. Also, there are some other ways that will help you against enemies, the newly mob named Tower Guardian that is spawned on the top of his tower.

How to install Dungeon Tactics Mod for Minecraft

  1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge Installed
  2. Download the mod and move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Enjoy the mod!

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] Extra Utilities Mod


By using the Extra Utilities Mod you are able to get a lot of new types of blocks that will allow you to increase your building experience and at the same time to build amazing constructions that you never thought that can be made in Minecraft before using this mod.

Beside to these new neat functional blocks added by this mod you will get a new dimension named The Deep Dark, it is like a cave full of cobblestone, mobs and a lot of underground castles that can be discovered or even to remake them with your personal touch of design.

Extra Utilities Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Fixed the crashing trash
  • Added filters to ender Collectors.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

How to install Extra Utilities Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge API and this Mod
  2. Move the mod files into %appdata%./minecraft/mods
  3. Enjoy the mod

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] SlashBlade Mod


The SlashBlade Mod is an awesome mod made especially to give an extra combat experience for all the players who loves to have some action in the game. If you once a time get bored in Minecraft due of lack of combat weapons with this now I promise you that thing doesn’t happen again because it adds lots of new features that will improve the combat experience.

This mod is not so old, but despite that fact it this short period of his life, the creator released lots of updates that really brought in some cool updates. Until now each player who played with this SlashBlade Mod said that it is the best mod related to the combat experience who ever been released for Minecraft.

How to install SlashBlade Mod

  1. Download the Mod
  2. Move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and choose the mod!

>>>> Download Mod

[1.10.2] Journey Map Mod


The Journey Map is a live map for Forge client mod, by using this map you can share your Minecraft map in real time with your friends or to your other devices in the web browser or into your game as a mini-map. This map is great due to the fact that it will get in real time updates once you explored a place.

This map is available in two versions: FairPlay – allows you to disable the cave mapping and radar while you are playing in Multiplayer and Unlimited – allows you to use all the features in Multiplayer. After you installed the map you can press the “J” button to open the map menu options.

You can easily use your phone or tabled as a second monitor to show your map at an bigger size. Due to its simplicity and great features that it adds, this Journey map is the best map in this category.

Journey Map for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Improved the GUI.
  • Added the ability to resize the minimap on your game.

>>>> Download Mod

Some other Minecraft Mods for PC versions:

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