Minecraft mods 1.8 download (P2)

In the previous post (Minecraft mods 1.8 download (P1)), I introduced 4 mods for Minecraft 1.8. Today, I will continue to introduce to you the next 4 mods for Minecraft 1.8.

Download the list recently updated Minecraft mods 1.8 – part 2

[1.8] Block Launcher Mod


The Block Launcher mod adds a bunch of new guns and launchers to minecraft. They shoot blocks and TNT directly from your inventory so as long as you have any block stocked, you’ll never run out of ammo. The Rifle will shoot a single block of a lighter material like cobblestone, dirt, sand, or wood.

The Shot Block will shoot a cluster of blocks all at once and will deal a lot of damage from close range attacks.

The Chainblock will fire a flurry of blocks in a row.

And then you have a few launchers capable of firing TNT blocks. The TNT Cannon, TNT Launcher, and the TNT Mines Launcher which all have varying reactions.

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[1.8] AutoSwitch Mod


The AutoSwitch mod is the ideal tweak to streamline your tool switching. It will automatically switch to the tool required to destroy certain blocks. So be it stone, wood, dirt (or similar), the right tool will change as soon as you right click that block.

The tools will automatically switch back to the previous tool you were using so it makes for really easy mining. Then you can mine start mining dirt and as soon as you hit stone, the pickaxe will switch so you can break it with ease.

Probably the most beneficial feature of this mod is the switching between tool and sword when an enemy is near. As soon as you start attacking a mob the sword will be used as your selection so you don’t accidentally waste hits with your pick or shovel.

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[1.8] Arrow Camera Mod

The Arrow Camera mod allows you to follow your arrows as soon as they leave the bow. By holding down the C key before and during the draw of your bow and through its release, the camera will follow the arrow all the way to its destination until you let go of C.

It’s a neat way to see your target as your arrow finds it. Obviously it’s much better for long distance shots but it will work at any distance.

You can also use it to see what’s on the other side of a mountain or wall. It’s a great way to get a sense for what’s lurking out of sight without alerting any unnecessary attention.

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[1.8] Liquid Enchanting Mod

The Liquid Enchanting Mod allows you to enchant every piece of armor in the game with potions. This means that for as long as you or anyone wears the armor, the potion effects will be applied.

This is both good and bad, because while you can apply positive potions like speed, fire resistance, and strength.

You can also have negative potions applied like poison, slowness, and weakness. And while you probably wouldn’t apply these in single player games, these would play a role in multiplayer servers and game servers to handicap players.

You can also apply potions to swords, which gives you an even broader range of power.

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