Minecraft on PC Tutorial for Beginners

Minecraft does not have a shiny graphical interface like some of today’s games, but the more you play, the more attractive and difficult it is to leave the game.

Join the game Minecraft players as they immerse themselves in the world wide, built entirely random with a variety of terrain from jungle, swamp, mountains to desert sand or cold ice.

You can do your best to explore the caves, build your own home, plant and animal your way, even build a support rail system or take advantage of the thing. This is to build a roller coaster “super speed” … It’s wonderful not you? But more interestingly, all these are made up of monotonous squares.

Download Minecraft for PC here

Download Minecraft for iOS here

Download Minecraft for Android here

When you start playing you have to create a new world, the world selection window appears click the Create New World button.


Then enter the new world name and space in the World Name or select the game mode:

  • The game of survival: Search for resources, make up, level up, live and earn energy to survive.
  • Super difficulty mode: Like survival mode but only one life.
  • Creative play mode: unlimited resources, can fly freely and break instant blocks.

After setting up click Create New World.


Moving buttons in the game Minecraft:

  • W: Go straight (press twice to run fast).
  • S: Backward.
  • A: Go left.
  • D: Go right.
  • E: Open the map.
  • Shift: To hide / bend … (Hold still does not fall off the high places).
  • Right mouse: Place the blocks or use some items.
  • Left mouse: To attack, destroy, collect …

If you want to change these keys then you can go to Option -> Control as you like.

How to play

First day in minecraft:
When you enter the game, the first thing you need to do is cut the trees to get the wood and make the material.


Near the tree, hold down the left mouse button to clear the block (you will see the crack, if you remove the mouse, it will return to the same) until it falls to the block below and you pick up the wood, though not yet Have tools tools should use the tools available in the server a bit long: eek: kay: (made of stone)

When you cut down the wood of a tree you will often see the leaves fall off gradually and out of the seeds it is called (saplings).

Its seeds are like wood (Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle), you should keep it and grow it when you need it without the wood, ha: hairt (only dirt) The server is capable of reproducing the seed as soon as you clear the tree and you should keep it and plant it to increase the amount of income.


– Now we go to the craft section!
– Press E will see his chest.

  • main-UI-Minecraft
  • Armor: Your armor
  • Toolbar: Toolbar
  • Experience: XP bar (type level to smash items items etc …)
  • Hunger: The food bar (when you run, the food bar drops and hungry, it will fall off, eat beef, zombie meat, pork, apples …)

– The crafting part has 2 types

2 × 2 only craft items such as wood, wooden plank, torch, flint ….
3 × 3 crafted many different items, the crafting table is more eg armor, block … (only when crafting table).


Put the wood you just picked up in the first 2 × 2 crafting box, when you have no crafting table, you will have 4 wooden plank per wood.


After done, you will place 4 2×2 squares with wooden plank for crafting table. Right click to use.


And then you craft stick as the image above.


You only have wood so you put 3 wood at the top and 2 stick at the edge to create a wooden pickaxe (ability to break stones). There are the following types of pickaxe

  • Wooden Pickaxe: made of wood, weak stone breaking (perishable)
  • Stone Pickaxe: Made of stone that hit me, medium rock breaking (more damage than wood)
  • Iron Pickaxe: Made of iron, obtained from the cave, ore, rock breaking (less broken)
  • Gold Pickaxe: Made of gold, breaking fast (fast broken)
  • Diamond Pickaxe: Made of diamond, breaking is healthy (used for a long time to break

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