Minecraft PE 0.16.0 servers (P1)

In this post, I will introduce the first list of the best servers for Minecraft PE 0.16.0.

FallenTech Server for Minecraft PE 0.16.0

FallenTech is best Minecraft PE server where you will see different PvP arenas, shops, factions, mazes and parkour, and more. A few features that you can find on our servers:

  • Things of God, which have an altered appearance and have new characteristics.
  • Various kits.
  • Potions and other interesting additions.
  • You can pick up the head after the death of characters.
  • Fully working enchantment.
  • Weddings and creation of clans.
  • Shopping cases with a variety of items.
  • Top players.
  • Complete protection against cheaters and griefers.
  • PvP Anti-relog.

How to connect this server for MCPE 0.16.0

You can connect by following this info: IP – FallenTech.tk | Port – 19132

Survival Server for Minecraft PE 0.16.0

The design of the survival server

Going into the game you will see information about the server, which is updated every minute. Big and beautiful spawn with 4 lanes and a similar number of small buildings with some information will appears before you.

Also you will see seasonal PVP arena and the mine where there is a separate tree in addition to resources. Resources are fenced by bedrock. I want to mention here is located a sawmill. Close to all of these resources is located a platform made of quartz with lighting.

A large number of warps

For example, many players are asking, where is located parkour area. In this and in many other places you can get by using the command / warp (warp name). To see all of the available warp, type the command / warp. At the moment, there are PVP arena, mine, forest, parkour, nether, and much more! Shops and arts will be soon.

Current version of Minecraft PE

We are closely following the release of new versions of MCPE and check whether it is possible to install it.

Responsive admins

Many have a lot of questions. Our admins will not leave any your question without an answer!

Auto donate

If you are tired of being an ordinary player and you want to get some kind of privilege, such as unban, money, a new nickname, or administrative rights, you can buy donate points.

How to connect this server for MCPE 0.16.0

You can connect by following this info: IP — serv.mid-day.ru | Port — 19132

JDCraft Server For Minecraft PE 0.16.0


JDCraft is a MCPE server where you will play the adventure games immediately on the spawn. You can go through some puzzles and parkour tracks, which will serve as your training before the real battles. The main idea of the server are the mini-games. You can be sure to find it all the best that was invented in Minecraft PE Online. All results are recorded in a database that allows you to determine the best players for the month and for all time.

You can prove your excellence on this server and you will receive various prizes from the admins, and also from participation in the monthly competitions.

How to connect this server for MCPE 0.16.0

You can connect by following this info: IP — JDCraft.net | Port — 19133

Creative World Server For Minecraft PE 0.16.0


Repeatedly wanted to demonstrate how you can build a house or other building in Minecraft PE? Then this server is for you. In it players have their own territory where they can showcase their beautiful, comfortable, miniature or large buildings. Admin and other players appreciate and put up you points. If you score the most points, you will be given special features or prizes.

However, the server can spend a long time together with their friends or alone. In addition to the competition of builders, you can participate in PvP battles, which adds a bit of diversity.

How to connect this server for MCPE 0.16.0

You can connect by following this info: IP — b12134.leet.cc | Port — 12134

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