The best Minecraft PE seeds 2018

What is Minecraft PE Seed? Not the seed that translates in the game. This means a coordinates that determine where your game is.

So what does Minecraft PE Seed mean? It helps you get the initial advantages. As can be where there is adequate food, sleeping areas, not threatened by monsters. What I’m saying here may also be the village.

What is Village? It is a place where people live, there are rice fields (food) and things in the box of the forge. Sometimes the smithy burns you need to block the lava as soon as the village meets like this.

To select a seed: go to Play> New> advanced
Enter any seed you want, choose play and enjoyment only.

The best Minecraft PE seeds 2018

Here are some Minecraft PE seeds  to help you meet the village immediately:

  • 999
  • AcE
  • Johnny appleseed
  • Super pig
  • op
  • 1388582293

Some beautiful Minecraft PE seeds:

  • 1000 year old tree forest: 1000 years old
  • condensed: its a me
  • no gravity: infinity
  • stronghold (use tnt up to see): 805967637
  • red land: 1405119578
  • snow village: 1408803813

The list continues to be updated…

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