Teleporting in Minecraft for PC

Teleporting allows gamer instantly travel to a specified location or player. With each mode you need use different manipulations. And for each versions of Minecraft, you also need different ways. In this post, we will show you a method to teleport in Minecraft for PC

Step 1: Make sure that you can use the command

You just can teleport in specific situations as:

  • For online gamers: gamers need Operator access for the server. To become an operator, an admin or an operator need to type / op. YourName into the chat window
  • For local multiplayer: gamers need to start with Cheats enabled. This needs to be done by the player opening the game to local multiplayer
  • For single gamers: Cheats need to be enabled when creating the world

Step 2: Determine the place you want to teleport to

In Minecraft, player location is determined by three coordinates XYZ. In which:

  • The X coordinate is the position east or west of spawn point
  • The Y coordinate is the position north or south of spawn point
  • The Z coordinate is the elevation above bedrock.

To view your current coordinates in game, press F3 for PC and Fn+F3 for laptops and Macs (Alt+Fn+F3 for newer Macs)

Step 3: Open the chat window

Press T to open chat window

Step 4: Teleport to a specific player

Enter command /tp.PlayerName to teleport yourself to someone else in same server

*Note: the player name doesn’t contain space

Step 5: Teleport to a specific location

You just need to know the coordinates; you can teleport to any location in the world.


  • If you’re not sure about the Y coordinate, just need to enter “83” in order to avoid teleporting into something and suffocating. You might fall for a bit but you can survive: /tp X Y Z
  • The X and Z coordinates must be between -30,000,000 to 30,000,000. The Y coordinate must be positive
  • You can replace the coordinates with relative position using a “~” but you can teleport as far as the world allows. In addition, players also use relative coordinates to teleport to negative Y values.

Step 6: Teleport a player somewhere else

  • Use following command to move a player on server:

/tp TargetPlayer XYZ OR DestinationPlayer

  • In case you want to move all players to yourself, use command

/tp @a @p

That’s all manipulations about teleporting in Minecraft for PC. Hope you enjoy interesting experience with this game.

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