Teleporting in Minecraft PE and in Minecraft for Consoles

Teleporting is an indispensable manipulation in Minecraft which all players need to know for moving conveniently in game. In the previous post, we shared you the way to teleport in Minecraft for PC. Today, we will introduce the two rest methods- teleport in Minecraft PE and teleport in Minecraft for Consoles.

Let’s learn about two of them!

  1. Teleport in Minecraft PE

Step 1: Download a Minecraft PE editor app

Teleport command isn’t supported in Minecraft PE; therefore, you need download an editor app if you want to teleport. The most popular editor app for Android is PocketlnvEditor and for iOS is iMCPEdit (only jailbreak)

Step 2: Load the world in the editor app

After activating the editor app, a list of worlds will be displayed, your mission is selecting the world you want to move your player location for

Step 3: Change the player location

Tap Move Player to change the player location and then enter the location you want to move to

Step 4: Save the new location

This step allow the location will be applied to your saved game and take effect when you start the game again

  1. Teleport in Minecraft for Consoles

Step 1: Enable Host Privileges

You need to enable Host Privileges when starting your game in order to access teleport.

Step 2:

While playing, open the player list and choose the Host Options to open additional options. Based on each console, the play list may be at the Back, Select or touchpad on the controller

Step 3: Choose a teleport option

There are two options for you as Teleport to Player and Teleport me. You need to choose one option based on your demand

Step 4: Select the player

You can select the player you want to teleport to or the player you want to bring to yourself. After that, the teleport action will be performed

That’s the rest tutorials for teleporting in Minecraft. Hope that they can help you play game without obstacle.

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