The cheat code in Minecraft

Today we will cover popular cheat code in Minecraft PE to help you play Minecraft conveniently.

Minecraft has been becoming familiar with gamers in long period of time. Therefore, the players search for the cheat code regularly. Instead of using Cheat Engine, gamers can use cheat code to cheating when playing in Minecraft.

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Minecraft encourages the creativity from players so gamers will be attractive at the time playing. You will create a new world with your own style from your creativity. There are no rules or missions for players except manufacturing tools and weapons. In spite of owning simple graphic, Minecraft still makes a strong impression to players.

List of popular cheat code in Minecraft

  • /f help [page number]- display commands
  • /f list [page number]- list of factions
  • /f show [faction tag]- display a faction in detail
  • /f map [on/off]- display map
  • /f power [account name]- display the power of character
  • /f join [faction name]- join faction
  • /f leave- leave faction
  • /f chat- turn on or off chat faction
  • /f home- turn to home faction
  • /f create [faction tag]- create a new faction
  • /f desc [fill the notification of faction here]- change faction notification
  • /f tag [faction tag]- change faction tag
  • /f open- turn on or off the necessary invite into faction
  • /f invite [name of player]- invite a player in your faction
  • /f deinvite [name of player]- quit the invite
  • /f sethome- set up home faction
  • /f claim- close where you are standing
  • /f autoclaim- start occupying are where you go through
  • /f unclaim, declaim- unclaim where you are standing
  • /f owner [name of player]- set up or uninstall the right to own a chunk for player in faction
  • /f ownerlist- view the list of chunk owner in faction
  • /f kick [ name of player]- kick out a player in faction
  • /f officer [name of player]- let a player to manage faction
  • /f leader [name of player]- let a player own a faction
  • /f noboom- turn on or off the explosion in faction
  • /f ally [name of faction]- join hand with other faction
  • /f neutral [ name of faction]- friend with other faction
  • /f enemy [ name of faction]- fight with other faction
  • /f money balance- display the amount of money in faction
  • /f money deposit- save money in faction
  • /f money withdraw <amount>- get the money in faction out
  • /f money ff- transfer money from faction to other one
  • /f money fp- transfer money from faction to player
  • /f money pf- transfer money from player to faction

Basic cheat code in Minecraft

  • /tpa- send a request to migrate to other player
  • /tpahere- send a request to migrate a player to your position
  • /tpaccept- accept request
  • /tpadeny- deny request
  • /spawn- turn back to spawn
  • /back- back to the position before migrating or die
  • /sethome- tick the position you are standing is your house
  • /home- migrate your house to the ticked position
  • /money- view your money
  • /pay- send money to other player
  • /balancetop- view the top of money
  • /gamerules keepInventory true- keep your items if you die
  • /gamemode 0- change to Survival
  • /gamemode 1- change to Creative
  • /gamemode 2- change to Adventurous

We’ve shown you all popular cheat code in Minecraft. Hope that you can apply it and enjoy this game.

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