The games similar to Minecraft that you can play

If you are tired of Minecraft, try switching to one of the following games to change your feeling and experience. This is a game with graphics, gameplay is very similar to Minecraft but also has its own markers and characteristics that players do not get bored.

One of the most important things to do to succeed is the design of the graphics. However, if you take Minecraft as an example, we will see the opposite. This game has absolutely no impact on graphics, but with 100 million units sold worldwide, we can see the appeal of the square.

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With a little tweaking and modification, Minecraft World can be completely replaced with a new content, story and image, as evidenced by the 7 names below.

The games similar to Minecraft that you can play

1. Don’t starve

What must do? How? That is all you need to answer when joining this game. Don’t Starve – a genre of survival games that will force you to collect materials, make tools and build your own shelter.

With characters and images hand-drawn, Don’t Starve is not bad game to be able to seriously entertain. Also, you do not need to be too worried if the game is a little deserted, because Beast – the monster in the game is always trying to destroy you will appear at any time. Therefore, try to build a shelter and find plenty of food reserves before dark.

2. Block Fortress

It’s a graphical game built from boxed blocks, but Block Fortress is a game that is quite different from Minecraft or Don’t Starve. This is a tactical, go-go game rather than adventure, survival. The player’s task is to use the available blocks to build up the walls of the city, and to arrange the guns in positions that can withstand the mass attacks of enemies. during game play.

3. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a lovely 2D block game. Not only easy to see, easy to observe but also flexible players use the navigation (up, down, left, right) to move the character.

With a simple yet engaging storyline, players will be forced to find a way to survive, survive in a natural environment, and find ways to create tools, build shelters, and make weapons. to fight, to fight the dark forces. Every day, characters can explore themselves, explore the world wide and find their creative power in this world.

4. Block Story

If you want to find a difference, the one between the 7 games with Minecraft in general and Block Story with the other games in particular, it is in the character, in graphics.

Not just a World of Hard Square blocks, Block Story also has a pretty and neat character class. In the game, you will be controlling a character with magic and a lot of extraordinary ability, use this character to create different tools and weapons to equip yourself in the journey. Explore the infinite world of the game.

5. Growtopia

The colors are lively, eye-catching, lovely graphics, wide connectivity… that’s what every player can feel even in the first experience. Encouraged to play with many others, it can be said that Growtopia is “game in the game” because when joined, players can freely create smaller games in this game itself to friends and other Others participate and compete with each other.

6. SurvivalCraft

In the list of the games similar to Minecraft you can play today, SurvivalCraft is a twinship game and has many similarities with Minecraft (from “Craft“, characters, terrain, gameplay, to gameplay, etc.)

When playing SurvivalCraft, you will be “released” to a deserted island, without human life, without any weapons or tools in hand. As the game is a desert island, finding food is extremely difficult, you will have to “do it yourself”, find the way to make the necessary equipment, find food to survive, dance Gas for self defense and set yourself up for a shelter.

And of course, like Minecraft, you should not get out of the night’s shelter, because the creatures on the island are not really friendly and enjoy the presence of humans.

7. Terraria

Another game that has the “indeterminate” style is the “square blocks”. Terraria have no clear or specific purpose for the player to aim for, they have to create their own characters, then create their own worlds for the character to explore.

Your character will have certain tools to survive and continue his journey of discovery such as weapons for self defense, hunting supplies, for food, etc.

The above is a composite of 7 games similar to Minecraft you can play. If you’re feeling the world of Minecraft getting boring, monotonous, this would be the perfect choice for you.

Wish you have fun moments!

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