What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a stand-alone electronic game in an open world. Initially it was created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and was later developed and released by Mojang. The ability to create and build in Minecraft allows players to build buildings by assembling blocks of textures in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching, collecting resources, making and fighting. There are many Minecraft modes available, including survival mode, where players must find resources to build the world and maintain health, innovative mode where players have unlimited resources to build. and able to fly, adventure mode where players play maps created by others and the spectator mode, where players can fly through the blocks, but can not interact with the blocks. The PC version of the Minecraft is also famous for third-party mods, allowing for more new tools, characters and quests for the game.

On September 15, 2014, Microsoft announced an agreement to acquire Mojang and Minecraft ownership, intellectual property rights for $2.5 billion; The acquisition was finalized on November 6, 2014.

Game modes

Minecraft is an open world game that has no specific goal for the player to perform, allowing players the freedom to choose how to play. However, there is an achievement system in Minecraft. The default mode of play is in the first view, but players can choose to play in the third view. The main mode revolves around breaking and placing blocks. The in-game world is made up of primarily 3D rough blocks located in the net and symbolizes different materials, such as soil, rocks, different ores, water, and wood. While players can move freely around the world, blocks can only be placed in a fixed location. Players can collect physical blocks and place them elsewhere to build different buildings.

At the beginning of the game, players are created on the surface of a wild and almost infinite world. The world is divided into many different biological communities, from desert to forest to snowland. Players can go on plain terrains, mountains, forests, caves, swamps, swamps and various waters. The time in the game is system clocked in a diurnal cycle, with a full cycle of 20 minutes in real time. During the gameplay, players will encounter many creatures called “mobs”, including animals, villagers and monsters. Animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep can be hunted for food and materials, and are born during the day. In contrast, monsters like spiders, skeletons, and zombies are born at night or in dark places, like caves. Some of the special and dangerous Minecraft creatures are only here, like Creeper, a creature that exploded behind the player, and Creeper can appear during the day and night; Slime, the creature that only appears in the swamp, has the ability to attack fast and Enderman, a creature capable of teleporting and picking up free blocks.

Some hostile and neutral Mobs show in Minecraft from left to right: Zombies, Spiders, Ender, Creeper, Skeletons.

The in-game world is randomly generated while the player explores it, using a co-ordinate (called seed) generated from the system, unless the player wants to create coordinates in their own way. Despite the limitations of moving up and down, Minecraft allows players to create an incredibly large, flat world. The game achieves this by editing data in the playing world into smaller pieces called “block” which are only created or loaded into memory when the player is there.

The physical system of the game is often described by the commentators as unrealistic. Most solids are not affected by gravity. Liquid flows from a source within a block in which flow can be stopped by placing a solid block at its source, or by drawing it with a bucket. Complex systems can be built using rudimentary mechanical devices, electric circuits, and auto gates built by a material in the game called Redstone.

Minecraft has two worlds besides the main world, Nether and The End. Nether is a new world to be reached with a jargled gate and ignited by the ignition, which contains many unique resources, monsters, castles and lava. Nether is as vast as the real world. The End is a barren land, in which a dragon is called the Dragon Dragon Ender. After killing the dragon text ends the terms of the game written by Irish Julian Gough are revealed. Players are then allowed to teleport back to their original point in the normal world, and will receive “The End”. There is also a second boss called “The Wither”, which, upon defeating it, falls out to an item of hell that when used it can produce beacon.

The game mainly consists of four modes of play: survival mode, creativity, adventure, and audience. It also has a system of degree of difficulty that can vary from four levels, from easy to easy and easiest to peaceful, to the removal of any hostile creatures that are created and self-healing.

Survival Mode

Command to switch to survival mode: /gamemode 0, /gamemode s, /gamemode survival

Players must look for natural resources such as wood, and rocks to create blocks and other items. Depending on difficulty, monsters will be born in dark places and players must find a shelter. This mode also has health bars, which can be hungry (in difficult level: easy, medium, hard) and lose blood if attacked by monsters, falling into lava, suffocation, starvation or falling, etc.

There are many items that Minecraft players can create manually such as weapons, clothing and items. Weapons like swords help them beat monsters and animals easily. Some tools, such as axes, hoes, cups and shovels, make it easier to cut trees, find ores, and dig up soil. Players find villagers to trade goods such as wheat, carrots (farmers); coal, iron (the armor), rotten meat, gold (priest); leather (leather) through emerald.

In Minecraft, players can only wear limited edition items. After death, the item will fall where the player dies and they will return to the place at the beginning of the game or if they have a bed they will resurrect in the bed (provided you do not destroy and change it). location of the bed). Players earn experience points by killing animals or fighting monsters. The higher the level of experience, the more players can create stronger weapons or armor and have more special effects. The ultimate goal of this game is to defeat Ender Dragon (dragon Ender) and then wither. After defeating Ender, you will continue playing as usual.

Creative Mode

Command to switch to creative mode: /gamemode 1, /gamemode c, /gamemode creative

In creative mode, the player has infinite power, has all the resources and tools in the game. They can place or destroy them immediately. The player also has the ability to fly freely around the world in the game, without being attacked or killed for other reasons (can only be killed by the “kill” command or falling into a place called “The void “, Lying under the bedrock – Bedrock) and not affected by hunger. This mode is mainly for players to create and make great works.

Spectator Mode

Command to switch to spectator mode: /gamemode 3, /gamemode sp, /gamemode spectator

This mode allows players to fly through the blocks and see everything in the game but can not interact with them. They can also be viewed from the point of view of another player or other creature (which may be called in but not moveable). Some things may look different from the perspective of other creatures.

Adventure Mode

Command to switch to spectator mode: /gamemode 2, /gamemode a, /gamemode adventurer

Adventure Mode has been added to Minecraft since version 1.3; It is specially created so that players can experience the use of custom created maps and adventure travel. The gameplay is similar to the survival mode, but is limited to players with different layouts and blocks, which can be used for the in-game world by the authors of the map. This is so players can play and adventure just as the creators of the intended map. An addition designed for custom maps is the command block; This block allows for map creation and extends interaction with the player through certain server commands.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is the fourth mode, for players to experience as Survival, but as in real life, you only have 1 network. If you die, Game Over, you will not be able to take back the world before (generally delete the world), the way to continue playing is to create another world. But the mission remains the same, hitting Boss Ender Dragon. This mode gives you a thrilling experience, fearing that anything can kill you. Notch had intended to quit the regime, but refused to fear the player complained of wanting to experience the real life.

Multiplayer mode

This mode allows players to connect with other servers to build their works in a single world. But you need IP (Internet Protocol), create a separate server or use a software called Hamachi.

Other versions of Minecraft

Minecraft Edication Edition

This is the Minecraft version for education for teachers and students in the world. Many countries have adopted this version as a compulsory subject, including Vietnam but not yet widely available. In this version PVP mode has been removed and added a lot of new items, blocks and mobs, this version has the basic code mode will make learning more interesting.

Minecraft PI Edition

A strange Minecraft version that probably no one knows about its existence, was developed for the Raspberry Pi. Mojang developed Minecraft for this system aimed at basic tutorial for Coder through Minecraft.

Raspberry Pi is a line of tablet PCs with just one credit card size card, developed by Rasperry Pi Foundation for the purpose of promoting basic computer instruction in schools and countries. are growing, and the prices of these machines are very cheap.


Vivecraft is a Minecraft version for virtual reality VR glasses, exactly for the HTC Vive virtual reality camera. This session was released on 15/8/2016. This version was removed for copyright and image claims.

It’s a bit weird that people can still use virtual reality glasses for Minecraft versions now (Minecraft, Minecraft PE, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition).

Minecraft 2

Have you ever thought about Minecraft 2? Actually, it’s just a April Fool’s joke from Mojang. In this version everything will mess up and will make you headache despicable.

For example: chicken breeds diamonds, blocks and mobs, the mob will explode if you feed a lot, marking three dots.


A game not hand made by Notch and like the Minecraft 2D


Maybe you do not know that Mojang has made China a version of Minecraft and only if you are in China can you play this version, it has an official website.

All Minecraft versions above 100% are from Mojang.


Markus “Notch” Persson has started developing Minecraft as a project. He was inspired by a number of other games such as Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and later Infiniminer. At that time, he envisioned a 3D construction game. Infiniminer greatly influences the style of the game, including the players aspect, the “block squares” and the basic principles to build. Unlike the Infiniminer, Persson wanted Minecraft to have an RPG element.

Minecraft was first released to the public on May 17, 2009, as a development version on the TIGSource forum, then became famous as the classic version. The first major update, known as the alpha version, was released on June 28, 2010.

Persson maintains the job with Minecraft all the time after the alpha version of the game develops. Persson continues to update the new version of the game for users automatically. These updates include features such as new items, new blocks, new monsters, modes, and changing game behavior (like how water flows).

In order to develop Minecraft, Persson formed a game company called Mojang. On December 11, 2010, Persson announced that Minecraft entered its beta testing phase on December 20, 2010. During the development, Mojang hired some new staff to work on the project.


Music and sound effects in Minecraft were produced by German sound designer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld. On March 4, 2011, Rosenfeld released an album entitled Minecraft – Volume Alpha; It includes most of the features featured in Minecraft, as well as other music not featured in the game. Kotaku has chosen music for Minecraft as one of the best music albums of 2011. On November 9, 2013, Rosenfeld released his second official album, entitled Minecraft – Volume Beta, which included Includes tracks added in the new version of the game.


Mojang released the full version of Minecraft on November 18, 2011. The game has been updated continuously since its release, with changes ranging from new content to new host hosts. On February 28, 2012, Mojang announced that it has hired developers of the popular CraftBukkit server platform to support Minecraft server changes. Mojang seems to possess full ownership for modifying CraftBukkit. On September 15, 2014, Microsoft announced a $2.5 billion acquisition of Minecraft, along with Minecraft intellectual property rights. The deal was proposed by Persson when he posted a Twitter tweet asking a company to buy his shares.

How to play

The main mode of Minecraft is survival mode. The world of Minecraft is composed of basic elements such as block, there are many types of block, digging for soil block, digging sand for sand block, digging stones for block stone, cutting wood for block wood, etc. It is the raw material for you to create everything in the game through the formulas that the manufacturer has provided. The game has no mission, nor does it have a specific mandatory purpose, simply that you do what you like, create everything you want, and survive. You can create your own home, build a farm, garden, raise a dog, raise a cow. Or make yourself a palace, a ship in the middle of the sea. Build up your own monster machine, become an adventurer go anywhere in the world of minecraft to destroy monsters, etc. (Refer How to play Minecraft).

Above is the post introducing “What is Minecraft” is referenced from Wikipedia.

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